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Government and enterprise products / DP326
Technical Parameter (Specifications)

 • Output: 6 channel electronic balance

• Maximum electronic level: +15dBm

• Dynamic range: >100dB 20HZ-20KHZ

• Maximum delay: 450.979ms

• Minimum step: 0.021 ms

• Gain: +6dB≈-40dB,footsteps 0.1 dB

• Parametric equalizer: 9 segment input, 8 segment output

Product Highlights

 The DP series is a powerful and easy to operate processor. Adopting switch power design, can adjust automatic electric input from 90V to 250V, It can be used anywhere in the world, and do not need to be adjusted. The digital signal processor is adopting high-precision DSP chip, 48 bit of inside date processing, with extremely high dynamic range and excellent sound. 2 in 6 out processor, can preset more frequency mode: 2X2+2、2X3、4+2、5+1 and 6 frequency mode, and at the same time, the signal source of each output channel can be chose arbitrary. Each channel is including gain、parametric equalizer 、crossover、 delay、 phase、 limiter, total 20 type of user storage mode. Through RS232 or USB interface, the special software to connect with computer by controlling.

Product Testing
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