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After class / CA-2900
Technical Parameter (Specifications)

Power Rating:900W*2

Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz,±1.5dB

Sensitivity Of Input:0.77V

Input lmpedance:20kΩBalanced.10kΩ/un-Balanced

S/N Ratio: ≥100dB


Channel separation degree:>65dB

Damping Factor:  >230

Slew rate:15V/uS 

Mains Power supply:AC:220-230V     50Hz/60Hz



Product Highlights

● Full range high quality ring transformer power supply, high quality large capacity electrolytic capacitor filter, static power consumption is low, the machine dynamic energy levels.

● Using classical pulse width modulation amplification circuit, efficiency is as high as 90%, components are in accordance with the HiFi level criteria selection, make sound performance more perfect.

● Full range of advanced AGC automatic gain control technology, ensure no clipping distortion, effectively protect the power amplifier and speakers.

● Perfect protection circuit, automatic temperature protection, undervoltage, over current, over voltage protection automatically.

Product Testing
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