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Subwoofer / TY-12B
Technical Parameter (Specifications)

frequency response:37HZ--250HZ

Rated power:250W

peak power:500W

Power Supply:AC220V


Drive unit:12 "x1

Appearance size:(H*W*D)430X450X430

Net weight:24kg

Product Highlights

● Using Russian birch splint, imported wood glue powder, accurate calculation of resonance box

● High strength iron net with 5CM thick waterproof and breathable sea cotton, effectively reducing the odd harmonics, and protecting the safety of the system unit.

● The harmonic distortion caused by the high strength loose press paper and the rubber edge and the effective reduction of the drum paper

● The dual magnet high dynamic, ensure long stroke rendering

● T iron increases the medium hole to improve the system heat dissipation, and uses the back convex to increase the horn stroke

Built-in 350W power amplifier board, low distortion, allowing large dynamic, over current protection, phase adjustment, low frequency adjustment, stereo input

● Application scope:

Home theater, theater, bar, nightclub, club, multi-function hall, etc. need to provide better low frequency expansion.place

Product Testing


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