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Professional box / PF-08
Technical Parameter (Specifications)

Sensitivity: 94dB(dB SPL.1Watt@1m)

Maximum SPL: 116dB continuous/119dB peak

Nominal Impedance:  8Ohms

Rated Power:  150W AES/300W Peak                       

Dispersion(+/-8dB:  90°

Frequency(+/-3dB):  85-18000Hz

W*H*D:  230*475*257(mm)

Weight:  10Kg

Product Highlights

● Russian birch plywood with high density, low cabinet used high strength wood powder adhesive, the senior technician, meticulously surface using one of the most popular water sprinkle paint spraying process.

● Low sound box system USES trumpet direct radiation inverter type design, intermediate frequency round, vocal performance fine, soft, loose, strong penetrating power, high frequency bright and fine.

Unique design, low partials adopts advanced audio capacitor wronda, low loss, high purity oxygen free copper winding inductance.

● Use of high strength steel net, surface inside anti-dust mesh cloth, can effectively reduce the harmonics, enhance the visual beauty, and can effectively protect the safety of the use of the system unit.

● A unique circular horn, evenly spread Angle, namely to 90 degrees.

Product Applications: 

● Amplified music and concert use upscale nightclubs, exclusive clubs, upscale buffet-style KTV, m

Product Testing


             PF-08 Frequency response curve                     PF-08 Impedance graph  

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