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Professional box / PW-08
Technical Parameter (Specifications)

(Frequency Response): 60Hz-16KHz

(Power Rating)150W

(Power Peak)300W

(Impedance): 8 Ohm

Sensitivity): 95dB W/M

(Systemtype): 8"*1+1.34"*1 

(H*W*D): 265*420*266mm


Product Highlights

Product Highlights: 
 horn speaker system uses direct radiation inverted design, the United States imported BIC unit,, low-frequency deep, thick; IF mellow, sweet and yet full; high-frequency soft and delicate. 
 box with Russian imports of high-density birch plywood, import wood powder bonding, Corner strengthening process, after technicians carefully crafted, the surface of the most popular water-based paint technology sprinkle. 
 single-chip high crossover, bass points awarded, a Taiwan´s top audio capacitors, high power non-inductive resistor aluminum, large diameter high-purity air-core inductors.
 high strength iron mesh surface using three nylon fiber technology, which can effectively reduce the odd harmonics, enhanced visual appearance, and can effectivelyprotect the use of security systems unit. 

Product Applications: 
 Amplified music and concert use upscale nightclubs, exclusive clubs, upscale buffet-style KTV, m

Product Testing


               PW-08 Frequency response curve                     PW-08 Impedance graph                       

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