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Recommended portfolio / JT series shake wheat monitors combination
Technical Parameter (Specifications)




Rated Power(AES testing standards)

100W (Rated)

200W (Peak)


6 Ohm

Frequency Response(-6dB)(H°XV°)







1500Hz passive crossover

Hanging points

  Vertical hanging pieces

Cabinet Material

ABS757 + 10% fiber



Net Weight



Voltage spotlights



Spotlight Power




Product Highlights

The JT series listens to speakers

There is no end to the music

Walking in the peak of sound technology exploration, VPK has never stopped its pursuit of innovation, JT series has successfully applied for a number of national patents. (design patent no. : ZL 2015 3 0131229.4)(automatic induction KTV box sound and light linkage device, patent no. : ZL 2015 2 0612111.8) (speaker slinger device, patent no. : ZL 2015 2 0318551.2)(sound and light linkage device for KTV box with monitor speaker, patent no. : ZL 2015 2 0318792.7) special monitoring box for the singing table of shaking wheat, professional 8-inch coaxial horn, with colorful star lamp, which can realize sound and light linkage with shaking wheat, only one single-channel power amplifier is needed to easily handle sound effect. Also can be used for music bar, dinner bar, lounge and other public places to play background music, for dining and leisure environment to add romantic mood and only beautiful tone.

JT series monitor speaker features

Low KTV m singing units are located in the corner area, the existing rolled wheat the karaoke cannot listen to sounds and singing voice, easy to sing out of tune and struggling, Taiwan VPK acoustics and developed a patented product - JT series is listening to the speaker, the product has been successfully applied to the four national patents: derrick installation patent, patent of appearance patent, patent linkage of sound and light, infrared induction.

● JT series monitor speakers use high-end infrared sensor system, can make the singer in the corner of the singing stage can easily and accurately capture the accompaniment and their own singing voice, voice adjustment at any time, improve the singing level; Sound and light linkage effect, more cool, more intelligent and more personalized, also let the singer enjoy the sense of stage like a star.

● the installation of steel wire rope automatic buckle and derrick way, can easily adjust the height, sound and light linkage adopted shaking wheat infrared induction function, colorful star lamp using LED light bulb, low-voltage power supply can prevent electric shock, also convenient to replace at any time and anywhere.

● in terms of supporting products, VPK is specially equipped with a new PIA 1350 single-channel amplifier for JT series listening speakers. This amplifier has the advantages of small size, exquisite appearance and superior performance. After various simulation tests, it has been proved that it can perfectly fit the sound regulation requirements of listening speakers.

● output sound pressure level up to 93dB, power up to 100W.

Features of the PIA 1350 single-channel power amplifier:

The PIA 1350 single-channel amplifier is the latest generation of digital integrated signal processing center, which has passed the national 3C product certification. It integrates many top technologies such as infrared induction technology, digital audio technology, classic high-fidelity circuit technology and so on. Full automatic operation of PIA series makes sound processing easier and easier, adding clear and rich sound quality for singing.● infrared full automatic control, multilevel push circuit, small size, full power. Rich control interface, can control the speaker, light and remote control, automatic operation, intelligent and safe.

● low noise fan and overload, overheat, overcurrent, short circuit protection design, with small size, light weight, low consumption, high efficiency and other characteristics, stable and reliable performance, can be used in a variety of different environments.

● wide frequency response range, up to 10hz-30khz

● the switchgear has the function of shock protection and short circuit protection, which can effectively protect the amplifier and loudspeaker, and will not be damaged due to wrong operation.



Product Testing


                  JT-820  Frequency response curve                                           JT-820  Impedance plot

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