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Professional box / PD-10
Technical Parameter (Specifications)


Frequency (Frequency Response): 60Hz-20KHz

Rated Power (Power Rating): 250W
Peak power (Power Peak): 500W
Impedance (Impedance): 8 Ohm
Sensitivity (Sensitivity): 97dB W / M
A drive unit (Systemtype): 10 "* 1 + 1.5 * 1
Dimensions (H * W * D): 340 * 525 * 306mm
Weight (Weight): 13.1KG
Product Highlights

 Product Highlights: 

● Use the United States imported BIC unit, high-performance NdFeB magnet tweeter, magnetic strong, strong sense of energy. Independent mold design tweeter, unique aerodynamic configuration mode, multi-surface design, make coverage more uniform sound field.

● high standard crossover design, high temperature fiberglass full PC board, the French SCR audio capacitors, no sense of power aluminum resistors, inductors enameled large diameter high purity, can do precision adjustment of the sound effects, according to listen the need for high bass tone of a man of weakening and enhancement, noise removed, and strive to perfect sound quality.

● After the pilot phase of the high-frequency design makes transparent, delicate, soft; low-thick, strong sense of siege. Overcome the common professional box is not enough low-frequency limit of the shortcomings, the sound quality comparable to professional audio with subwoofer combination.

● box with Russia imported high-density birch plywood imported wood powder bonding, Corner strengthening process, after technicians carefully built, the surface of the most popular water spilled some paint coating process.
Product Applications:
Music and singing PA use  upscale nightclubs, senior clubs, upscale buffet-style KTV, function rooms and other places.
Product Testing


              PD-10  Frequency response curve                     PD-10  Impedance graph

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