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KTV Speaker / KS - 912
Technical Parameter (Specifications)


(Frequency Response):38HZ-20KHZ

(Power Rating):250W
(Power Peak):550W
(Impedance):6  0hm
(Sensitivity):90dB W/M
(System Type):12”*1 + 3”*4
(W*H*D): 372MM*608MM*340MM


Product Highlights

Product Highlights: 

cone woofer imported from Malaysia.
 Large magnetic circuit symmetrical magnetic circuit design to reduce distortion bass unit.
 The four tweeter design, two unique treble diffusion angle, making the treble sound field more spacious.
 classic matte surface treatment combined with PU leather piano, more contemporary.


 KTV rooms, conference hall systems, home entertainment, public places

Product Testing


           KS-912  Frequency response curve                       KS-912 Impedance graph

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