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KTV Speaker / KS - 910
Technical Parameter (Specifications)


(Frequency Response):45HZ-20KHZ

(Power Rating):180W
(Power Peak):450W
(Impedance):6  0hm
(Sensitivity):90dB W/M
(System Type):10”*1 + 3”*4
Product Highlights

 Product Highlights: 

cone woofer imported from Malaysia.

● Large magnetic circuit symmetrical magnetic circuit design to reduce distortion bass unit.

● The four tweeter design, two unique treble diffusion angle, making the treble sound field more spacious.

classic matte surface treatment combined with PU leather piano, more contemporary.

Applications :

● KTV rooms, conference hall systems, home entertainment, public places

Product Testing

                                KS-910  频响曲线图                                                                     KS-910  阻抗曲线图          

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